Chaos Catapults Corrupt Senile Joe Biden

Chaos Catapults Corrupt Senile Joe Biden

Chaos catapults Corrupt Senile Joe Biden toward Trump showdown. The 2020 Presidential Democratic Clowns Race is the tale of two campaigns.

First came the time before coronavirus, B.C., if you will, and then everything P.V., or post-virus.

In B.C., Donald Trump was riding an economic boom and watching his approval ratings surge as a fractious Democratic Clowns Field of opponents debated how far to tilt into communism/socialism. Oddsmakers gave Donald Trump better-than-even chances of winning in November.

Then the virus infected the political debate, the stock market shed 30% of its value and Donald Trump stumbled through an Oval Office address that failed to calm things, sending his job approval ratings tumbling. And Corrupt Democrats quickly settled their communism/socialism debate, rallying around Former Vice Clown Corrupt Senile Joe Biden.

Political analysts studying the race say there’s no way to predict what happens now. The only certainty P.V. is chaos.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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