Corrupt Senile Joe Biden Was Attacking Travel Bans

Corrupt Senile Joe Biden Was Attacking Travel Bans

A Mere 8 Days Ago Corrupt Senile Joe Biden Was Still Attacking Donald Trump’s Travel Bans.

A mere eight days ago, Corrupt Senile Joe Biden was still vocally opposing Donald Trump’s travel bans from Europe, and even China, as racist. In other words, if Corrupt Senile Biden was the president, we can’t begin to imagine how much worse things would look in American today thanks to Corrupt Senile Biden’s refusal to keep people out from the very same places where the Chinese coronavirus rages.

All the way back on January 31, in reaction to the coronavirus outbreak in China, Donald Trump announced a travel ban of “all foreign nationals who have traveled in China within the last 14 days.” That included, obviously, Chinese citizens and anyone from any country who visited China.

Americans returning from China were put under a 14-day quarantine.

That was 50 days ago.

President Trump took that action 50 whole days ago.

That same day, Corrupt Senile Joe Biden published this tweet:

[N]ow [Trump’s] adding more countries to his list of who’s not welcome in America. It’s not who we are — and we’ll prove that when we beat Trump this November and end the ban.

Please note that Corrupt Senile Biden promised to “end the ban” — the ban that stops people from entering our country who are coming in from a country facing a massive epidemic.

The next day, Corrupt Senile Biden — who has always been cozy with China, and whose Corrupt Criminal son Hunter set up a deal worth hundreds of millions with the Chinese government while traveling with his Corrupt Senile Father (who was then Vice Clown) — issued the following statement declaring Donald Trump’s ban “racist” and “xenophobic.”

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