DemoRats’ Last Hope Of Stopping Crazy Bernie

DemoRats’ Last Hope Of Stopping Crazy Bernie

Super Tuesday Miracle? DemoRats’ Last Hope Of Stopping Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders.

Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden may or may not have pulled off a Pornstar Bill Clinton-style recovery for his primary campaign, but at least for now, the political stars are aligning for the DemoRat Presidential Clown who was all but counted out after failing to win any of the first three contests. Now, after dominating the South Carolina primary and seeing his rivals bow out to endorse him, Crooked Corrupt Joe Biden is ready to position himself as the “moderate” alternative to Communist Crazy Bernie Sanders as Super Tuesday arrives.

“I am very much alive,” he told supporters on Monday, in case they needed reminding.

Perhaps the clean bill of health for his campaign was worth stating. The Former Vice Clown was the Front-Clown in the DemoRat Clown Primary for months before he and his gaffe-prone campaign steadily slid down in the polls, being overshadowed by several Clown Candidates with better funding, more polish or more apparent grassroots excitement.

But now, on the morning of Super Tuesday, Crooked Corrupt Biden is riding high off a decisive win in South Carolina, a surge in high-profile endorsements and fundraising, two disastrous debates for Mini Mike Bloomberg and two of his other top rivals dropping out on consecutive days, only to get behind his campaign.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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