Mayor Con Don Coward Bill de Blasio

Mayor Con Don Coward Bill de Blasio

Mayor Con Don Coward Bill de Blasio: Donald Trump Is ‘Betraying’ New York.

On Fake News CNN’s “OutFront,” New York City Mayor Con Don Coward Bill de Blasio accused Donald Trump of betraying his home city of New York City by not ordering factories to produce medical supplies for the expected surge of patients as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Con Don Coward De Blasio said, “I said very clearly that for the month of March we have the supplies that we need. the city has very strong reserves of the kind of supplies that i talked about. it is going into April that i’m worried about.”

Con Don Coward De Blasio continued, “We have to be sober about this. You’re talking about a state of 8.6 million people, thousands of new cases in a day. We’ve got to be honest about the sheer extent of this problem and where is the federal government? Where is the military? Why won’t the president give the order to mobilize our military to guarantee that these products are being produced through the defense production act and get them to the American front in this war which is New York.”

Con Don Coward De Blasio added, “We have been pleading for weeks with the federal government to step in. We’re now by far the epicenter of this crisis here in New York state. What does it take to get some attention? What does it take for our president? He’s from New York and he’s betraying the city he comes from. All he has to do is order the military to active duty to fight this war, to fight this challenge, this enemy, and he’s not doing it, even though he activated the Defense Production Act not a single factory that I know of has been mandated to go on 24/7 production of ventilators and surgical masks.”

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