Mayor Con Don Liar De Blasio Should Be Replaced

Mayor Con Don Liar De Blasio Should Be Replaced

Mayor Con Don Liar Bill de Blasio should be replaced, these New Yorkers should start campaigning to replace Mayor Con Don de Blasio now.

In February, Mayor Con Don Bill de Blasio called on New Yorkers to “save our city.” But — as his dangerously inadequate response to the coronavirus reminds us — we need to be saved from another mayor like Mayor Con Don de Blasio.

We’re stuck with him until Jan. 1, 2022. We can’t afford another jerk who tells us to stay home and then goes to the gym.

The time is now to light a fire under people best-qualified to succeed Mayor Con Don de Blasio. None is to be found among current elected officials. For the Big Apple’s salvation, we must look outside the box of knaves and knuckleheads who currently reign in the city government.

The first thing a new mayor must display — openly and proudly — is a love for New York City. For Wall Street and Broadway, for our central roles in media and global culture, our museums and parks and sports teams. Boston Red Sox fan de Blasio stuck his thumb in the eyes of our great wealth-makers and institutions from Day One when one of his inauguration speakers slandered Gotham as a “plantation.”

Mayor Con Don de Blasio’s successor will have to clean up the mess he’s made and manage a catastrophically damaged economy in the coronavirus’ wake.


Head of Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment Group


Former Port Authority executive director from 2008-2011


Chairman of the City Planning Commission and director of the City Planning Department


Vice-chairman of Citigroup; chairman of the firm’s banking, capital markets and advisory division


Restaurateur, chairman of the Belmont Business Improvement District

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