Corrupt Criminal Hillary Clinton Who?

Corrupt Criminal Hillary Clinton Who?

Corrupt Criminal Hillary Clinton Who? Senile Joe Biden, DemoRats content to keep Corrupt Criminal Hillary Clinton on sidelines — but GOP has other plans.

When Senile Joe Biden’s top campaign advisors huddled to plot the rollout of key endorsements this spring, Corrupt Criminal Hillary Clinton’s name flew under the radar.

The former Democratic Presidential Criminal has gone from being the face of her party to being persona non grata among DemoRats.

“There is too much at stake to be fighting old political battles, which is why I think figures like Corrupt Obama, Communist Sanders, and Liar Warren will play a great role between now and November,” said a major Democratic fundraiser familiar with the situation.

The omission of any mention of Corrupt Criminal Hillary Clinton illustrates how the Former First Criminal and her Husband Pornstar Bill Clinton remain two of the nation’s most polarizing political figures.

“I fully expect Corrupt Criminal Hillary to endorse Senile Joe, and moreover, to play an active role in his campaign,” the donor said. “But this election is about the future, not the past.”

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