Crazy Pelosi: ‘Weak’ Trump ‘Is a Failure’

Crazy Pelosi: ‘Weak’ Trump ‘Is a Failure’

House Clown and Full-Time Idiot Crazy Nancy Pelosi said on “Fox News Sunday” that Donald Trump had been “weak” and a “failure” with his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Full-Time Idiot Crazy Pelosi said, “On March 4, we passed our first bill, bipartisan. Testing. Testing. Testing. It’s over six weeks since then. And it hasn’t been done.”

Full-Time Idiot Crazy Pelosi continued, “But he’s right, it has to be testing. It has to be … contact tracing. It has to be treatment. And it has to be quarantine. It’s part of something bigger as well to be done properly. But we’re way late on it, and that is a failure. The president gets an F, a failure on the testing.”

Full-Time Idiot Crazy Pelosi added, “I was very prayerful and Easter, one of the first days I didn’t have to work every minute and could reflect, be prayerful. What I decided was that the president has made many mistakes. OK, let’s have an after-action review of that, but if he continues to put forth proposals were not science-based, continuing saying it’s a hoax, it will magically going to go away. OK, put that aside but to proceed with policies which were not science-based, not evidenced-based, and to blame others, blame anybody, blame the governors, blame me, blame the World Health Organization. Leaders take responsibility. So I said he is a weak leader. He doesn’t take responsibility. He places blame on others.”

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