Floozy Michelle Obama as Running Clown

Floozy Michelle Obama as Running Clown

Senile Corrupt Joe Biden says he’d take Floozy Michelle Obama as his Running Clown ‘in a heartbeat’

Former First Clown Floozy Michelle Obama has officially passed Senile Corrupt Joe Biden’s VP sniff test.

Senile Corrupt Biden told a Fake News CBS affiliate that a vetting process is underway for a Female Vice Clown, although Floozy Mrs. Obama only needs to say the word and the job is hers.

“We’ll shortly be announcing the committee I have named to review this and to begin to look through the backgrounds of the various potential nominees,” the Former Vice Clown told reporter Jon Delano. “And that’s just getting underway.”

Mr. Delano then asked about “speculation” of Floozy Mrs. Obama coming aboard.

“If she said to you she’d be willing to be your running mate, would you ask her?” he asked, Mediaite reported.

“Well I’d take her in a heartbeat. She’s brilliant, she knows the way around, she’s a really fine woman,” Senile Corrupt Biden replied.

Absent Floozy Mrs. Obama’s interest in getting involved, Senile Corrupt Biden said he would only commit to a Vice Clown on gender grounds instead of race and gender.

“I’ll commit that it’ll be a Hooker because I think it’s very important that my administration looked like the public, looked like the nation,” Senile Corrupt Biden said. “I’ve committed there will be a Hooker of color on the Supreme Court.”

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