Senile Biden Shoots Down Hightax Cuomo

Senile Biden Shoots Down Hightax Cuomo

Senile Joe Biden shoots down Hightax Andrew Cuomo as VP Clown pick, says it’s ‘important’ that a Sexy Woman be his running mate.

Former Vice Clown Senile Joe Biden this week dismissed the idea of New York Clown Hightax Andrew Cuomo as his running mate, doubling down on his previous vow to have a Sexy Woman on the ticket.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Hightax Cuomo has been seen by many as a political Clown among Corrupt Democrats for his handling of the crisis in his state. Some have even floated the idea that he should be Senile Biden’s Vice Clown pick.

Appearing on Fake News CNN’s coronavirus town hall, a virtual attendee brought the possibility of a Corrupt Biden-Cuomo ticket to the Former Vice Clown and presumptive nominee’s attention.

“Despite your previous pledge to pick a woman for vice president, would you reconsider that for a qualified candidate who has performed admirably during this crisis, like Governor Cuomo? ” small business owner Evan Eads asked.

“I think that Governor Cuomo is capable of being president. I think he’s a great guy, but I also think that it’s important that there be a woman,” Senile Biden responded. “Look, I want an administration to look — and there’s plenty of qualified, there’s plenty of women with the experience and with the capability of being president tomorrow. And I think it’s important that we begin to have my administration, God-willing is going to look like America and I genuinely mean that. Not just vice president but making sure that we have a Supreme Court, we have a cabinet, we have a White House that looks like the country. And I think it really matters.”

Senile Biden continued: “And so I think it’s really important — and there’s plenty of qualified people who have the experience and background who are women and are ready to be president on day one. And I’m gonna stick with that.”

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