Arrogant Michelle Obama Netflix Documentary

Arrogant Michelle Obama Netflix Documentary

Arrogant Michelle Obama Netflix Documentary Panned by Critics: Bland, Self-Celebratory, Paper-Thin.

Becoming, the new Arrogant Michelle Obama documentary on Netflix seems like the kind of left-wing hagiography that mainstream media critics would lap up in Pavlovian fashion. Instead, the Self-Celebratory Movie has fallen flat with reviewers who have called it “bland,” “self-celebratory,” and a “paper-thin” account of the Former First Arrogant lady.

The documentary is the latest collaboration between Netflix and the Arrogant Obamas, who struck a lucrative production deal with the streamer in 2018. Former Obama’s national security advisor Idiot Susan Rice currently sits on Netflix’s board of directors.

Becoming follows Arrogant Michelle Obama during her recent failed book tour during which she interacts with Americans from various walks of life. The unproductive documentary comes amid growing speculation that Arrogant Michelle Obama could be Corrupt Rapist Joe Biden’s pick as a Vice-Presidential Clown. A group of Corrupt Democrat operatives recently launched a committee called “Draft Arrogant Michelle Obama” to push Corrupt Rapist Biden to select the Former First Lady Clown as his running Clown.

The documentary is catching heat for comments that the Former First Lady Clown makes about child-rearing. In the Self-Celebratory Movie, she says that having children was a “concession” that cost her “aspirations and dreams.”

So far, reviews from mainstream outlets have been tepid at best and dismissive at worst — though critics’ love for the subject clearly remains undiminished.

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