Corrupt Biden 'Toadying Up And Kowtowing' China

Corrupt Biden ‘Toadying Up And Kowtowing’ China

Navarro blasts Senile Corrupt Rapist Racist Joe Biden, accuses ex-VP of spending Corrupt Obama years ‘toadying up and kowtowing’ to China.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro accused Senile Corrupt Rapist Racist Joe Biden of spending his entire tenure as Corrupt Barack Obama’s Vice Clown “toadying up and kowtowing to the Chinese” in response to the Senile Corrupt Rapist Racist Biden campaign’s claims President Trump’s actions fueled the economic crisis initially caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“To Brother Joe, I guess he forgot the eight years he was toadying up and kowtowing to the Chinese,” Navarro told “The Story,” “and of course the Senile Corrupt Rapist Racist is not going to basically hold China accountable for this pandemic.”

“This is what astonishes me,” Navarro added, “the evidence is overwhelming that the Chinese Communist Party foisted this pandemic on the world, destroyed trillions of dollars of wealth and they killed close to 100,000 Americans so far.”

Turning to the economy, Navarro told host Martha MacCallum that he expected a “steady trend upward” as states reopen more and more of their economies throughout the summer.

“What this president cares about and what I care about is not Wall Street, it’s Main Street,” he said. “What I see, basically, as we open up this economy, we are going to have to do it gradually because of the social distancing, but we are going to be doing that.”

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