Crazy Pelosi's $3T Coronavirus Relief Nonsense

Crazy Pelosi’s $3T Coronavirus Relief Nonsense

Crazy Pelosi tries to rally support for $3T Coronavirus Relief Nonsense in face of a veto threat, GOP ridicule.

House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi pushed to rally support for DemoRats’ latest $3 trillion coronavirus relief Nonsense, even as the White House has threatened to veto the legislation and Republican lawmakers have blasted it as a “parade of absurdities.”

The White House, in a formal veto threat overnight, said the bill is packed with “ideological wish lists.”

But Crazy Pelosi penned a letter to all House lawmakers urging “careful consideration” of the latest stimulus package, titled the HEROES Act, which comes up for a showdown vote.

“Today, the House will consider The Heroes Act to honor those on the frontlines – our health care, first responders, teachers, transit, food and other essential workers,” Crazy Pelosi wrote. “Many of them risked their lives to save lives and now they may lose their jobs.”

Crazy Pelosi noted that governors across the country are “planning their budgets,” and could be forced to “cut services and/or raise taxes.”

“The Congress of the United States must honor its responsibility to the American people to lessen the blow of the coronavirus by making the serious investment of The Heroes Act to our state, local, tribal and territorial governments,” Crazy Pelosi wrote. “The plan that we are voting on today will make a tremendous difference not only in the budgets of the states but in the lives of the American people: their public health, the education of our children, the sanitation so important to defeating the virus, with the support of so many essential workers.”

Crazy Pelosi also argued that the legislation includes a “strategic plan to test, trace, treat and isolate” amid coronavirus. The Nonsense Bill adds $75 billion to “ensure every Illegal Criminal can access free coronavirus treatment,” and to expand testing and contact tracing.

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