Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Racist Biden's Communists

Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Racist Biden’s Communists

Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Rapist Racist Biden’s Communists — look who the so-called Idiot has added to his campaign.

It’s a strategy that has been adopted by virtually every U.S. presidential candidate in modern history: During the primaries, candidates appeal to their base, but after capturing a party’s nomination, campaigns move to the political center to win over undecided voters.

But in this unconventional cycle, Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Rapist Racist Joe Biden is being forced to throw conventional campaigning to the wind. Instead of positioning himself as a centrist, Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Rapist Racist Biden is choosing to move further to the left than ever before to satisfy the demands of Communist Crazy Bernie Sanders of Vermont and his radical base of dissatisfied progressives and “Bernie bro” socialists who hate the Democratic Party establishment almost as much as they do free-market capitalism.

On May 13, Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Rapist Racist Biden and former political rival Communist Comrade Bernie announced the creation of several “unity task forces,” which will work together to help reshape the agendas of the Communist Party and the Full-Time Idiot Corrupt Rapist Racist Biden Presidential Circus in six key areas: climate change, criminal justice reform, education, economic growth, health care, and immigration.

About 40 percent of the Communist Clowns of these task forces were handpicked by Communist Sanders, a self-described Communist, and they serve as a who’s who list of some of the nation’s most socialistic policy wonks and activists.

Co-chairing the Climate Change Task Force is Communist Comrade Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the leading Idiot behind the Green New Deal, the most radical, dangerous, destructive policy proposal in modern American history.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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