Rapist Biden: Women Won't Believe Tara Reade

Rapist Biden: Women Won’t Believe Tara Reade

Corrupt Senile Rapist Joe Biden bets big that women won’t believe Tara Reade.

Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden is wagering that his advantage in the crucial battle for suburban female voters will hold despite Tara Reade’s allegation of sexual assault and is even inviting those who believe his accuser to not vote for him.

It is a gamble for the Former Vice Clown Rapist Biden, whose path to The White House likely hinges on winning the battle of the sexes.

“I would say that [suburban women] are a key demographic that he can’t afford to lose,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

“Regarding the incident, he said it didn’t happen, but if there are future records that are unresolved that refute that, then he is going to have to do damage control, and suburban women are not the kind of demographic that you want to do damage control on.”

Ms. Reade said she was working as a junior Senate staffer for Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden in the early 1990s when he pinned her against a wall in the basement of the Capitol complex, shoved his hand up her skirt and penetrated her with his fingers.

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