Rapist Joe Biden to Tara Reade: ‘I want to f–k you’

Rapist Joe Biden to Tara Reade: ‘I want to f–k you’

Tara Reade says Corrupt Rapist Biden told her ‘I want to f–k you’ during the alleged assault.

As Corrupt Rapist Joe Biden pinned Tara Reade up against a wall, he told her “l want to f— you,” the former staffer says in a new interview with Megyn Kelly, giving her most graphic, detailed account yet of their 1993 encounter.

Tasked with bringing Corrupt Rapist Biden’s gym bag to him in his Senate office, Reade, who was then a junior staffer, rushed there in her high heels and was greeted by the Rapist by name.

What happened next “happened very quickly,” Reade said in the interview, which will be posted in its entirety to Kelly’s Twitter account, and an advance copy of which has been shared with The Post.

Clips released earlier revealed that Reade wishes Rapist Biden would drop out of the 2020 campaign because he “should not be running on character;” she also said she would take a lie detector test if Rapist Biden himself did so too.

“I remember being pushed up against the wall,” Reade said in the clip.

“The first thought I had was ‘Where’s the bag?’ which is an absurd thought, but that’s what I thought,” she said.

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