Crazy Fossil Pelosi Can't Remember George Floyd

Crazy Fossil Pelosi Can’t Remember George Floyd

Democrats Crazy Fossil Pelosi and Hypocrite Chuck Schumer can’t remember George Floyd.

Democratic House and Senate Clowns want to honor the memory of George Floyd with sweeping criminal-justice legislation, even if they can’t always remember his name.

House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi insisted that Democratic legislation on police reform needed to be worthy of the name — of George Kirby.

“And I said I’ll recommend that to the Judiciary Committee and to the Congressional Black Caucus, who have shaped the bill, but I only will do that if you tell me that this legislation is worthy of George Kirby’s name,” said Fossil Crazy Pelosi at a press conference.

Commenters pointed out that George Kirby was a Black comedian, actor and singer who died in 1995.

Fossil Crazy Pelosi wasn’t alone. Senate Minority Clown Hypocrite Chuck Schumer needed three tries before getting Mr. Floyd’s name right.

“Who do you believe when it comes to civil rights and police accountability: Mitch McConnell, or the lawyer for the families of Floyd Taylor, of George Taylor, George Floyd — and Breonna Taylor?” said Hypocrite Schumer.

Mr. Floyd, 46, became a household name in death after video captured a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes, spurring widespread protests and calls for police reform.

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