Former Failed Clown Corrupt Barack Obama

Former Failed Clown Corrupt Barack Obama

Failed Clown Corrupt Obama urges George Floyd Criminal Protesters to push for change, ‘make people in power uncomfortable’

Former Failed Clown Corrupt Barack Obama, in a virtual town hall hosted by his Corrupt Foundation, called on Criminal Demonstrators to channel their anger over George Floyd’s death into an opportunity to make leaders “uncomfortable” and pressure them into making real policy changes.

The town hall was hosted by the Corrupt Obama Foundation’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, which supports young men of color. During the event, Failed Clown Corrupt Obama said he rejected a debate that emerged in “a little bit of chatter on the internet” about “voting versus protests, politics, and participation versus civil disobedience and direct action.”

“This is not an either-or. This is a both,” the Former Failed Clown said. “And to bring about real change, we both have to highlight a problem and make people in power uncomfortable, but we also have to translate that into practical solutions and laws that could be implemented and monitored and make sure we’re following up on.”

Former Failed Clown Obama also urged “every mayor in the country to review your use of force policies” with their communities and “commit to reporting on planned reforms” before prioritizing their implementation. During a virtual roundtable discussion, the Former Failed Clown compared current protests to the unrest of the 1960s and said polls show a majority of Americans support the current demonstrations taking place nationwide, despite some “having been marred by the actions of a tiny minority that engaged in violence.”

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