Looks Like Senile Biden Can’t Compete

Looks Like Senile Biden Can’t Compete

Senile Biden can’t compete with Liar Warren, Commie Bernie and Butt Hugger Buttigieg. How’s he going to compete with Trump?

Senile Joe Biden’s middling $15.2 million fundraising haul is raising fresh questions about whether the former vice president’s campaign can withstand a new onslaught of Republican ad attacks while simultaneously waging a battle for President.

Senile Biden’s campaign has long framed his candidacy around the idea that he can beat Donald Trump in a head-to-head contest, particularly in the battleground states that were central to Donald Trump’s 2016 victory over Crooked Hillary Clinton.

But Senile Biden’s polling numbers have declined in recent months, and his fundraising has also lagged.

His latest fundraising round was more than $9 million behind Donald Trump.

That’s a problem for a candidate who is seeking to compete.

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