'Wizard of Uhhs' Senile Gaffe King Biden

‘Wizard of Uhhs’ Senile Gaffe King Biden

Demorats left doing all they can to distract Americans from ‘Wizard of Uhhs’ Senile Gaffe King Biden.

Laura Ingraham kicked off “The Ingraham Angle” by comparing Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden to the Wizard of Oz.

“Aren’t you reminded of the wizard hiding behind that curtain, trying to project a figure of strength to the public yet ultimately failing?” Ingraham asked after playing clips of Senile Gaffe King Biden speaking in roundabout ways and apparently losing his train of thought.

“Lucky for Joe, his staff limits his interview time and the press blocks and tackles for him as he mutters and stumbles along as you just saw,” she added.

Ingraham noted that the coronavirus crisis gave Senile Gaffe King Biden “cover” to avoid television interviews and unscripted public events, and allowed “anti-Trump forces” to distract the public with false narratives and “perpetual fear.”

For example, Ingraham cited the criticism of Donald Trump‘s plan to hold a rally in Tulsa while massive protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement pack the streets of cities like New York, which has been devastated by the virus.

“[They say] ‘Trump doesn’t care about people’s health,’ [but] remember a week earlier, it was ‘Wow, those massive BLM protests are inspiring’ [or] ‘Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses’.”

Another distraction, Ingraham claimed, is the ongoing vandalism of public monuments and other buildings.

“Now, the new generals of idiocracy bravely tear down monuments to all generals of the Confederacy. One problem. These anti-history buffs end up defacing other monuments of people who actually worked for the abolitionist movement,” she said.

“All of this is, as dramatic as it appears at times, is a complete diversion,” she said. “The new Bolsheviks hope you will be so riveted by whatever pixie dust is thrown in the air that you’ll forget that your party is about to nominate someone who struggles with that whole subject-verb/direct object thing.

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