The Chicken: Invisible Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden

The Chicken: Invisible Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden

Invisible Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden – Can the Democratic Chicken really hide through Election Day?

Turns out Invisible Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden may have been a critical player in the plot to frame retired three-star Gen. Michael Flynn. But don’t expect reporters to ask him about it. They can’t.

Democrat Chicken, Invisible Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden, has not held a press conference in 87 days. Think about that. The Invisible Senile Gaffe King who wants to be the next president of the United States has not seen fit to answer questions about:

  • The protests and riots which shook Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Washington and other Democrat-led cities after the death of George Floyd.
  • The rising movement within Invisible Senile Gaffe King Biden’s party to #DefundThePolice and the growing attacks on cops.
  • The takeover of downtown Seattle by anarchists.
  • The criminal destruction of historical statues across the nation.
  • Tens of millions out of work.

And so much more…

It has been nearly three months of nonstop drama and heartbreak for our country, and Invisible Senile Gaffe King Biden has remained mum. He has occasionally read scripted remarks off a teleprompter, and he has sometimes spoken with local media hosts. But he has refused to answer questions, even from a largely supportive press.

For most Americans, Senile Gaffe King Biden is the Invisible Candidate.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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