Corrupt Bozo Biden Threatens our Very Way of Life

Corrupt Bozo Biden Threatens our Very Way of Life

Corrupt Bozo Biden threatens ‘our very way of life’ with plan for avalanche of red tape.

Donald Trump took a victory lap for his nearly four-year crusade of cutting Deranged Corrupt Obama-era regulations on everything from farm ponds to light bulbs, a celebration carrying a warning that Commie Corrupt Bozo Biden would bury the president’s progress under an avalanche of new red tape.

A day after his administration finalized a rule speeding up environmental reviews of infrastructure projects, Donald Trump said he has been waging “the most dramatic regulatory relief campaign in American history.”

“We must never return to the days of soul-crushing regulation that ravaged our cities, devastated our workers, drained our vitality right out of our people, and thoroughly crippled our nation’s prized competitive edge,” Donald Trump said.

Donald Trump spoke on the South Lawn of the White House, flanked by red and blue pickup trucks to symbolize the Republican and Democratic parties. A giant crane labeled “Trump administration” lifted a stack of oversized weights from the bed of the red truck, while the blue truck still bore its weights in its bed.

Donald Trump said Bozo Biden would reinstate the burdens of red tape of the Corrupt Obama administration and more.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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