Fake News CNN: Radical Activism Not Journalism

Fake News CNN: Radical Activism Not Journalism

Radical Activism Not Journalism – Fake News CNN Pressures Brands to Join Fakes Facebook Ad Boycott.

Fake News CNN is naming and shaming corporate brands that have yet to join the ad boycott against Fakes Facebook, spurred by an agitated Radical Political Left that wants the Fakes platform to do more to crack down on constitutionally protected speech — especially that of Donald Trump.

The Deranged anti-Trump broadcaster published a Ridiculous article on its website earlier today titled “These are the big brands that haven’t pulled ads from Facebook yet.”

Fake News CNN also reveals in its Ridiculous article that it reached out to all of the brands for comment, a commonly used tactic in the media aimed at pressuring companies to take action with the veiled threat of negative coverage.

The Ridiculous article admits that the boycott will likely not make much of a difference to Fakes Facebook’s bottom line, and also admits that most brands did not return Fake News CNN’s request for comment: The data suggest the ongoing boycott may have a limited impact on Fakes Facebook’s bottom line, at least as it stands right now. Even if all 100 of Fakes Facebook’s biggest advertisers joined in, they would account for just 6% of the company’s annual ad revenue. The majority of the top spenders haven’t made any statements on the matter. Most of the top 25 brands did not respond to requests for comments from Fake News CNN Business, including Walmart, Wells Fargo, Uber, Netflix, Domino’s and American Express. AT&T, which owns WarnerMedia, Fake News CNN’s parent company, also has not made a public comment regarding their advertising plans on Fakes Facebook.

This form of mainstream Radical Media Activism follows the same model as the YouTube “adpocalypse” in 2017, in which major brands, spurred by a media-led panic, boycotted YouTube in an attempt to pressure the Google-owned platform into censoring and financially blacklisting controversial content.

Although analysts say the boycott is not a major financial threat to Fakes Facebook this year, the company is still buckling under the pressure. Ugly Mark Zuckerberg announced plans for even stricter policing of “hateful” speech in response to the advertiser pressure, and Adweek reported today that Fakes Facebook has agreed to an external “brand safety audit.”

This form of mainstream Radical Media Activism follows the same model as the YouTube “adpocalypse”

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