Joe Bozo Biden Come Out of the Basement!

Joe Bozo Biden Come Out of the Basement!

‘Thank Goodness That Joe Bozo Biden Is Going to Have to Come Out of the Basement’

Representative Steve Scalise on Thursday’s Fox Business Network broadcast of “Mornings with Maria” discussed Presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential Clown former Vice Crook, Corrupt Creepy Senile Joe Biden’s recent surge in polling.

Scalise said Bozo Biden is “going to have to come out of the basement at some point” to share his platform, which the House minority whip was thankful for because it would allow people to see the sharp contrast between the Former Senile Vice Crook and Donald Trump.

“Well, thank goodness that Bozo Biden is going to have to come out of the basement at some point and let people know what the Idiot would do as a Senile Corrupt President because the contrast has never been sharper,” Scalise told host Maria Bartiromo. “What President Trump did, to take an economy that was sluggish because of the Bozo Biden policies and turn it around make it hottest economy in the world, Donald Trump did it once. We are now obviously at a different place because of COVID-19, but who better to bring that economy back than Donald Trump?”

Earlier in the coronavirus pandemic, Fake News MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch urged Bozo Biden to stay in the basement for his campaign because “the less of Bozo Joe, the better.”

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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