Senile Biden-Commie Bernie Economics

Senile Biden-Commie Bernie Economics

Senile Biden-Commie Bernie Economics Will Hurt Businesses, Workers, Families.

Senile Biden presidency would be disastrous for American businesses, workers and families.

From his job-killing fracking ban to his promised tax increases on middle-income Americans, Senile Biden’s big-government agenda would strangle the economy and leave entire communities destitute.

The artificial downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more imperative that we avoid Senile Biden’s destructive economic policies.

Employing the same pro-growth policies that turned the stagnant Corrupt Obama-Senile Biden economy into a record-setting dynamo in recent years, Donald Trump is orchestrating an unprecedented “V-shaped” recovery as our country emerges from pandemic-related lockdowns. The past two months have both seen blowout new records for job creation — 2.7 million new jobs in May, followed by an even more incredible 4.8 million new jobs in June.

The recovery has been rapid, but our progress remains fragile, and America’s beleaguered workers and business owners could not withstand the strain of Senile Biden’s new taxes and regulations.

Senile Biden’s proposal to halt all fracking would be particularly disastrous, both economically and geopolitically. Over the course of just four years, Senile Biden’s fracking ban would destroy an estimated 19 million jobs and shave over $7 trillion from our national GDP.

But Senile Biden’s radical environmentalism gets even worse.

For the first time in over half a century, America has become a net exporter of fossil fuels under Donald Trump, whose common-sense deregulatory agenda has allowed our country to become the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. This means our country is now less reliant on Middle Eastern dictators for its oil, and American consumers are paying less at the pump and on their energy bills.

Senile Biden, however, wants to restore the sort of punitive regulations that were the centerpiece of the “war on coal” waged during the Corrupt Obama-Senile Biden administration.

Senile Biden’s platform includes trillions upon trillions of dollars in new spending, including $750 billion for government-run health care and $1.7 trillion for climate and “green energy” initiatives. 

For everyone’s sake, let’s vote for another four years of record-setting prosperity under Donald Trump.

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