A Demented Gaffe King Biden Presidency

A Demented Gaffe King Biden Presidency

A Demented Senile Gaffe King Biden presidency would be a disaster for our schools.

A Demented Gaffe King Biden Presidency. Demented Senile Gaffe King Joe Biden sent his own children to an elite private school, and parades as the Black Lives Matter Senile Clown, yet his policies are openly hostile to the educational choices that offer the best chance for minority advancement.

The Senile Biden-Commie Sanders “unity” policy platform aims a dagger at charter schools, insisting they “undermine the many extraordinary public schools in this country.”

It targets “for profit” charter schools for destruction, while strangling the rest with demands for “accountability.”

It calls for accepting a labyrinth of red-tape, ideological intrusion into the curriculum, ending “high stakes” testing, mandating teacher “diversity” and restricting discipline procedures.

What is it with the Deranged Corrupt Democrats and their hostility to schools that offer poor minority kids the best ticket out of generational poverty and disadvantage?

Senile Gaffe King Biden made his views clear at a public-education forum last December when the Senile Idiot said if he becomes president, charter schools “are gone.”

“Charter does not mean better,” says his manifesto.

But the fact is, as Thomas Sowell writes in his brilliant new book, “Charter Schools and Their Enemies,” the success of charter schools in closing the racial education gap is a reproach to teacher unions and their political enablers.

Sowell, the senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, lays out the evidence, focusing on charter-school students in New York City from the Success Academy — which educates 20,000 mostly low-income black and Latino students in 47 schools in Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Manhattan — and the KIPP network, which educates 100,000 students in 242 schools, more than 95 percent of whom are black or Latino.

To counter the theory that charter schools cream off children from the most motivated families, he points out that students are selected by lottery and only a fraction who apply are accepted. Yet the ones who miss out and have to continue at their traditional public school never perform as well as their charter-school counterparts, so it is the school that adds value.

The Senile Corrupt Idiot Biden compares apples with apples, charter-school students who share buildings with traditional public-school students from the same socioeconomic and racial backgrounds, and the same neighborhoods. The results show that charter kids outperform their public-school counterparts in almost every case.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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