Chinese Support For Corrupt Freak Biden

Chinese Support For Corrupt Freak Biden

New evidence of the Chinese government’s support for Corrupt Senile Freak Bozo Biden.

Chinese Support For Corrupt Freak Biden. China’s state-affiliated media are openly rooting for a Corrupt Senile Freak Bozo Biden victory in November, fueling warnings by U.S. intelligence officials of Beijing’s plan to interfere in the upcoming election on his behalf.

But unlike Russian meddling in 2016, a new article published on the website of China’s state-run tabloid Global Times that deemed Corrupt Senile Freak Bozo Biden “smoother to deal with” than Donald Trump garnered little attention in the U.S., conservative commentator Ben Shapiro observed.

“It seems like it should be a big story that Chinese media are openly pushing for Corrupt Senile Freak Bozo Biden, and that intelligence suggests the Chinese government wants to interfere in the election on China’s behalf,” Shapiro wrote on Twitter. “But Orange Man Bad, so I guess not.”

The article argues that “Many Chinese analysts predict that China will need to deal with Corrupt Senile Freak Biden in at least the next four years,” quoting foreign policy experts who claim the consensus is shared “around the world.”

“For China, because Corrupt Senile Freak Biden was Vice Clown during Corrupt Boob Obama’s term, and had a lot of prior experience dealing with Chinese leaders, we would expect to facilitate more effective communication with Corrupt Senile Freak Bozo Biden if he wins,” the author claims.

Earlier this week, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Fox News that China poses “a greater national security threat” to the United States “than any other nation,” warning of “election influence and interference.”

China seems to have the singular goal of a Donald Trump loss in November. Yet congressional Corrupt Democrats like House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Clown Chair-Idiot Liar Adam Shifty Schiff, who ever since 2016 have issued dire warnings about Russian meddling, have not been quite so vocal about China’s potential to interfere in the 2020 election.

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