Freak Biden's 'Bizarre' False Arrest Claims

Freak Biden’s ‘Bizarre’ False Arrest Claims

Mollie Hemingway examines Freak Biden’s ‘bizarre’ false arrest claims, says they’re part of ‘track record of lying’.

Freak Biden’s ‘Bizarre’ False Arrest Claims. Presumptive Democratic Presidential Clown Corrupt Senile Freak Joe Biden has a “bizarre” habit of bragging about arrests that never happened, Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday.

The Corrupt Freak dreamed of it and thought of it a great deal,” Hemingway, senior editor of The Federalist, told host Tucker Carlson. “And the Corrupt Freak had a lifetime of storytelling. I mean, I don’t think he’s the only politician out there to exaggerate or tell stories but he really is notable for this, and it was something that caused problems for him the first time the Corrupt Liar ran for president [in 1988] when that candidacy was derailed by his lies, his plagiarism.”

In March, Freak Biden was forced to walk back his claim that he was arrested in apartheid-era South Africa three decades ago when trying to visit Nelson Mandela.

The Freaks claim was just the latest in the Former vice Clown’s string of falsehoods, Hemingway said.

“The Freak adopted a fake persona of a British politician [Neil Kinnock]. The Bozo had lied extensively about his academic record,” she said. “The Corrupt Freak has lied about the circumstances of his family’s fatal [1972] car wreck that his [first wife, sons, and daughter were] in. The Corrupt Bozo lied about whether the person who was involved in that was responsible or whether he was drunk.

The Freak really has a long track record of lying for personal benefit,” Hemingway argued, “and if we had a media that was even remotely careful, they would be talking about this and they would’ve probably presented these issues to Democratic voters before they chose him in their primary.”

In 2008, Corrupt Bozo Biden claimed he was arrested while an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware when he accidentally wandered into a women’s locker room during a trip to the University of Ohio. In 2012. Bozo Biden clarified his statement, saying that while he wasn’t quite arrested, he “almost” was.

“It is interesting and bizarre,” Hemmingway said.

“One other thing that’s interesting is … the Freak was a really good storyteller,” she added. “They weren’t true stories but they were interesting to listen to. Now, when you see him struggling to even respond to these previous falsehoods, he’s really having trouble doing it and it’s very interesting to compare, even from 2008 to the current year, what a difference it is and how he is able to tell stories.”

Ex-ViceFreak Corrupt Bozo Biden had to walk back claim he was detained while trying to see imprisoned Nelson Mandela.

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