Freak Biden: 'Olly Olly' To Illegal Immigrants

Freak Biden: ‘Olly Olly’ To Illegal Immigrants

Corrupt Senile Freak Joe Biden is signaling ‘olly olly in come free’ to illegal immigrants.

Freak Biden: ‘Olly Olly’ To Illegal Immigrants. Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said the Presumptive Democratic Presidential Clown Corrupt Senile Freak Joe Biden is telling illegal immigrants and drug cartels that it will essentially be open season if he’s elected president.

Corrupt Freak Biden told Black and Latino journalists this week that the Idiot would stop constructing a new U.S.-Mexico border wall if he’s elected and that illegal immigrants should have access to health care if they’re working and paying taxes in the U.S.

“With that rhetoric that’s being stated right now, you are sending a message to the cartels and smugglers who are going to exploit that,” Mr. Morgan said on “Fox & Friends.” “You’re going to send a message to all these individuals that are looking for a better way of life — it’s olly olly in come free.”

“We’ve seen it before, and we’re going to see it again,” Mr. Morgan said. “I can promise [the] American people that that’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to be in crisis 2.0.”

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