Vile Dems: Illegal Criminals Over Americans

Vile Dems: Illegal Criminals Over Americans

Angel Mom says Disgusting Shameless Vile Dems fighting for Illegal Criminals over Americans: People need to ‘wake up’

Illegal Criminals Over Americans. Sabine Durden-Coulter, whose son was killed by an Illegal Criminal, reacted to the narrative of the Democratic National Circus.

“They want to flood our country with illegals and non-citizens and us Americans, who paid into the system, we’re supposed to pay for that. That’s wrong, it can’t happen, and it won’t happen,” Sabine Durden-Coulter told, “Fox & Friends First”.

Durden-Coulter said that Americans need to “wake up” to see that Deranged Disgusting Shameless Vile Corrupt Democrats are prioritizing the needs of Illegal Criminals over Americans. The Arkansas native’s son, Dominic, a 30-year-old sheriff’s office dispatcher, died in 2012 while riding his motorcycle when he was hit by an unlicensed criminal driver in the country illegally.

“The Democrats are working for illegals and fighting for illegals and they don’t even hide it anymore. They’re showing it blatantly,” Durden-Coulter said.

“They are telling us that is more important to them and every American needs to wake up because what happened to myself and thousands of other Americans who suffered the same tragedy like myself they need to wake up,” Durden-Coulter said.

“We are a country of law and order.”

The Deranged Disgusting Shameless Vile Democrats don’t even hide it anymore. They’re showing it blatantly!

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