2020 Election Bigger Than Corrupt Biden

2020 Election Bigger Than Corrupt Biden

Corrupt Spy Boob Barack Obama: 2020 Election Bigger than Corrupt Senile Idiot Joe Biden.

2020 Election Bigger Than Corrupt Biden. Former Spy Corrupt Barack Obama argued the nature of American democracy itself lies at stake in the 2020 election, not just the political future of his Former Vice Clown Corrupt Senile Idiot Joe Biden.

“What’s at stake in this election is much bigger than Joe or the man he is running to replace,” Corrupt Spy Obama said about his Corrupt Former Vice Clown in a video posted to social media. “What’s at stake is whether or not our democracy endures.”

Corrupt Spy Obama said Republicans in power were hoping voters would get cynical and stay home.

“It’s how they win,” Corrupt Spy Obama said. “Don’t let them.”

The Former Corrupt Spy asked supporters to make a plan of how they would vote in the election, urging them to vote early or Cheat Vote By Mail to make sure their vote counted.

“Now’s the time to safeguard this democracy and fight for what we believe in,” Corrupt Spy Obama said.

Corrupt Spy Obama also tried to brand Donald Trump as a threat to American democracy during his Delusional Democrat National Circus speech in August.

“This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that’s what it takes to win,” the Corrupt Spy said, urging voters to give democracy “new meaning” by voting for Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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