Hypocrite Crazy Pelosi Hair Salon Scandal

Hypocrite Crazy Pelosi Hair Salon Scandal

Hypocrite Crazy Pelosi hair salon scandal. Will privileged Corrupt Deranged Dems ever follow rules like the rest of us?

Hypocrite Crazy Pelosi hair salon scandal. Corrupt Deranged Democrats like to lecture America about its purported white privilege whilst ignoring their own liberal privilege on full display.

Take Corrupt House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi who was busted this week getting her Corrupt Fossil Hair blown out at a San Francisco beauty salon despite California laws prohibiting hair salons from opening.

Corrupt Queen Crazy Pelosi has also been lecturing the American people about wearing a mask while a security video captured at the salon shows the Corrupt Hypocrite not wearing one.

This goes beyond liberal hypocrisy. It is an elitism that whiffs of pure snobbery as the Corrupt, wealthy, powerful, and privileged in the Corrupt Deranged Democratic Party today don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. They’re a Corrupt Delusional Aristocracy that more aptly channels Marie Antoinette than “Amtrak Joe.”

Corrupt Crazy House Fossil Pelosi’s actions also call into question Corrupt Deranged Democrats’ push for detrimental school and business closures — which have destroyed the livelihoods of millions of Americans and radically altered the U.S. education system — because, according to progressives and the almighty teachers’ unions, the coronavirus is too contagious for schools to fully reopen.

There’s a consistent pattern of snobbish elitism throughout the Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democratic Party where its Corrupt Leaders fail to live by the rules they impose on the rest of us.

Yet, none of that stopped the Corrupt Crazy House Fossil from prancing around the beauty salon without a mask, potentially exposing herself and others.

It’s high time these Privileged Corrupt Democratic Snobs got off their high horses and followed the rules like everyone else.

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