Senile Biden Thinks US 'Deserves Suffering'

Senile Biden Thinks US ‘Deserves Suffering’

Corrupt Creepy Senile Slow Bozo Biden as a ‘master of anti-American propaganda’ who thinks US ‘deserves suffering’.

Senile Biden Thinks US ‘Deserves Suffering’. Corrupt Creepy Crooked Rapist Racist Senile Idiot Slow Bozo Joe Biden and his supporters in the mainstream Fake Media believe America is “a wicked country that deserves suffering, punishment, and pain,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham argued Wednesday night.

The Ingraham Angle” host explained that “when a free people begin to doubt their own survival … that is when they need optimistic, unshakable leaders the most.

“Falling into self-doubt or dwelling on the worst aspects of our past or our present only breeds self-loathing, defeatism, and despair. And, ultimately, disaster,” she added. “And this is precisely the mindset today’s Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats have adopted.

“Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot Slow Bozo Joe Biden and his Fake Media apparatchiks have become masters of anti-American propaganda.”

As proof, Ingraham cited remarks Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot Slow Bozo Biden made when he visited Kenosha. The Former Corrupt Vice Clown said America has not been “paying enough attention” to what the Corrupt Idiot called the “underlying racism that is institutionalized in the United States.”

To which Ingraham responded: “The obvious question for Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot Slow Bozo Biden that these pseudo-journalists will not ask, is this: ‘Sir, how could a systematically racist country elect an African-American president not once, but twice?’ Has Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot Biden forgotten his own resume [as Corrupt Barack Obama’s Vice Clown]?

“And here is another question: What was Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot Joe Biden doing for the last 47 years? How many times has Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot Biden talked about what a great country we have and what a great people we are?

“Was that all a lie, or is the Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot lying now? Is he smearing this country and 250 years of American history in a cynical attempt to win minority votes?”

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