Corrupt Biden: My Son’s An Honorable Man

Corrupt Biden: My Son’s An Honorable Man

Corrupt Liar Senile Slow Joe Biden: ‘Nothing to’ Hunter Biden Laptop Story, ‘My Son’s an Honorable Man’.

Corrupt Biden: My Son’s An Honorable Man. During an interview with Iowa’s KCRG, Corrupt 2020 Democratic Presidential Clown Corrupt Former Vice Clown Liar Senile Slow Joe Biden stated that “there’s nothing to any” of the “smear” stories about his Corrupt Son, Moron Hunter’s laptop and “my son’s an honorable man.”

KCRG Anchor and Managing Editor Beth Malicki asked, “So, what about the Americans who really, today, only want me to ask you about Hunter Biden’s laptop, how are you going to get them to see that you are fighting for them when they’re so dead set against you?”

Corrupt Liar Senile Slow Joe Biden responded, “By the way, there’s nothing to any of that, nothing to any of that. It’s all a smear. Every major outfit, every serious investigator has pointed out that this is a smear. This is classic Trump. We have four days left, and all of a sudden, there’s a laptop. And you may recall, there’s also talk about, four months before, there was a similar thing that somebody had, allegedly. There’s overwhelming evidence that — from the intelligence community that the Russians are engaged. I mean, look, this is — my son’s an honorable man. And all the investigations that were done around the issue of what was going on in Ukraine, if you noticed, every one of the major people who worked for Trump, during the impeachment, went under oath, and under oath said, [Joe] Biden did his job. No law was broken. … Hunter Biden broke no laws.”

Asked about the evidence of corrupt foreign deals on his son Hunter’s laptop, Corrupt Liar Senile Slow Joe Biden falsely claims “there’s nothing to any of that, it’s all a smear” from Russia. FACTS: The laptop is verified as authentic. While Corrupt Liar Biden claims Corrupt Moron Hunter “broke no laws,” the FBI is investigating. WATCH!

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