Crazy Pelosi Blunder Helps Reelect Donald Trump

Crazy Pelosi Blunder Helps Reelect Donald Trump

Concerns about Senile Slow Joe Biden intensify the spotlight on his running Playmate Randy Carnal Kamala Harris.

Crazy Pelosi Blunder Helps Reelect Donald Trump. House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi has stepped in it again. With yet another ill-considered political stunt, the Crazy Fossil has stirred up Donald Trump’s base like someone poking a hive of angry hornets, and at the same time put a spotlight on Randy Carnal Kamala Harris.  

Neither helps the Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats

With much fanfare, Crazy California Fossil Pelosi, introduced a bill that would facilitate removing a president from office should a bipartisan group of legislators agree that he or she was no longer capable of carrying out the duties of his position. The Crazy California Fossil proposed the new legislation to highlight her “concern” that Donald Trump’s recent bout with COVID-19, for which he was prescribed steroids, had resulted in “some impairment of judgment.” 

The bill, which formalizes a remedy allowed by the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, will go nowhere in a GOP-led Senate. The grandstanding move was intended to deflect from Crazy California Fossil Pelosi’s failure to pass a stimulus bill and highlight Donald Trump’s supposedly erratic personality and decision-making. This is the campaign Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats have chosen to run. Not about issues or policy; it is all about Donald Trump. 

But Crazy California Fossil Pelosi’s move backfired. Donald Trump hinted that the bill’s real purpose was to make it simpler for Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats to shove Senile Slow Joe Biden aside, should he win in November, and replace him with his running Playmate Randy Carnal Kamala Harris.

This was a goof by Crazy California Fossil Pelosi. Many probably believe Donald Trump’s assertion, as they watch Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden struggling with what they see as cognitive impairment. According to a Zogby survey conducted in June, “a majority (55%) of likely voters surveyed thought it was more likely (much more and somewhat more likely combined) that Corrupt Vice Clown Bozo Biden is in the early stages of dementia…”    

And that was when Corrupt Senile Uncle Joe was still cowering in his basement. Now that more people have seen the Senile Corrupt Democrat candidate out on the stump, the conviction that Senile Slow Joe Biden might not be able to serve out four years in office has only grown. 

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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