Does Corrupt Senile Biden want the Job?

Does Corrupt Senile Biden want the Job?

Does former Corrupt Vice Clown Senile Liar Bozo Biden really want the job?

Does Corrupt Senile Biden want the Job? Here’s a question that won’t get asked in Tuesday’s presidential debate: Does Corrupt Senile Liar Slow Joe really want this? Is his heart truly in the project that the modern Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democratic Party has become?

This is a Sleazebag whose entire adult Corrupt Life has been spent in the embrace of a Corrupt Political Culture that is now denounced by the ideological shock troops who drive much of the agenda of his Deranged Delusional Corrupt party.

On Corrupt Planet Biden, somewhere in that America, the Corrupt Senile Idiot thinks he still inhabits, Corrupt Senile Liar Slow Joe is running for president in about 1956, back when the Corrupt Senile Idiot had his first full Corrupt Head of hair, an age when the Corrupt Democratic Party still regarded white men as human beings rather than patriarchal oppressors and racial supremacists.

Maybe the Corrupt Senile Idiot did run for president in 1956? It’s easy to lose count. He’s taken more shots at the presidency than your average Molotov cocktail-wielding peaceful protester has taken at a police cruiser in the past few months.

Boring Days of Idiot Biden Presidency

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