Corrupt Biden: I'm Proud of my Swindling Son

Corrupt Biden: I’m Proud of my Swindling Son

Corrupt Idiot-Elect Biden on feds’ probes of Swindling Son Hunter: I’m proud of my Swindling Son.

Corrupt Biden: I’m Proud of my Swindling Son. Corrupt Idiot-Elect Bozo Biden is not distancing himself from his Swindling Son Hunter Biden amid news of multiple federal investigations into his Swindling Son.

Corrupt Idiot-Elect Biden‘s team released a statement from Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden on Wednesday acknowledging an investigation into his taxes, while another investigation into Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden‘s finances is also ongoing, according to reports.

As the presumptive Corrupt Idiot-Elect exited a Wilmington, Delaware, event formally touting his Intended Corrupt Nominees for spots in his Potential Corrupt Administration, reporters peppered Corrupt Idiot-Elect Biden with questions.

“Did Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden commit a crime?” a reporter said. “Have you spoken to your son, Mr. Corrupt Idiot-Elect?”

“I’m proud of my Swindling Son,” Mr. Corrupt Idiot-Elect Biden said before walking away.

Another reporter asked how soon Mr. Corrupt Idiot-Elect Biden intended to take a coronavirus vaccine, but the Corrupt Idiot did not respond.

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